RR011 - Terrestrial Council - Lucid Daydreams

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Recorded: Composed and recorded in the month of February 2012.
Mastered February 28th, 2012.

1. Liberation Alley  
2. Drum Haven II  
3. Reminiscient  
4. EQEXP  
5. Prework Jam  
6. Chills  
7. Fever Runoff  
8. Waverly  
9. Desolate Daze  
10. Drips  
11. Expectations  
12. Papineau  
13. A Deck of Cards  
14. Waveplay  
15. Friday Afternoon  
16. Overpass  
17. She's a nice lady  
18. Fatherhood Excerpts  
19. Fatherhood Excerpts (destruction mix)  
20. It's all good  
21. Motion Pictures  
22. Robot Trot  
23. Objects in the Dark  
24. Self Determination  
25. Space Ship Earth  
26. You and Me  
  Total: 35:50


Originally when creating the idea for this album it was titled "Laughs", because I was anticipating to write a bunch of short tracks that didn't really mean anything... I didn't start making the songs until the 4th, but by that point I realized that I'd want to write a "journal" of my life through music, which not only gave me inspiration for the tracks, but also forced me to change the title to something more appropriate, and I settled for "Lucid Daydreams". I didn't leave any tracks out either, which I thought would provide a fuller picture, so sorry to anyone who doesn't like short tracks. :)


Liberation Alley (2012/02/04 - 2:44 PM):
The freedom to simply create a journal of tracks was inviting to me, sometimes I want to end something abruptly, not every idea needs an ending, but this was the first time I felt like I had an excuse. ;)

Drum Haven II (2012/02/04 - 3:00 PM):
The first Drum Haven was made for my first live set (May 2006), the focus was always on the drums but I wanted to make something more ambient.

Reminiscient (2012/02/04 - 7:08 PM):
Not a typo, reminiscient to me is any living thing that characterizes the past. (maybe there's already a word for that!)

EQEXP (2012/02/05 - 2:54 PM):
A fun little experiment using EQ, not much of a track though!

Prework Jam (2012/02/08 - 9:02 AM):
Starting work at 11 AM allowed me to write a song before going off to work... Didn't want to be late though, haha.

Chills (2012/02/11 - 11:36 PM):
I got a fever during the week, this is the first track I made after recovering enough to do anything at all!

Fever Runoff (2012/02/12 - 12:10 PM):
Fever runoff!

Waverly (2012/02/13 - 11:59 PM):
This doesn't have anything to do with the street, just LFO.

Desolate Daze (2012/02/14 - 3:55 PM):
One word to describe this track is indifference. It scares me!

Drips (2012/02/14 - 6:45 PM):
Still feeling the effects of my fever!

Expectations (2012/02/14 - 10:20 PM):
Everyone has expectations, it's apart of human nature to expect positivity I think.

Papineau (2012/02/14 - 11:32 PM):
This song is actually about the street, I was going to record lyrics but then decided not to, I'd rather just sing it in my head when walking down the street!

A Deck of Cards (2012/02/15 - 1:39 AM):
This track was composed by a well shuffled deck of cards. The deck was used to play Poker and Cribbage, so that may have effected the results. (incase you were wondering, face cards were pauses)

Waveplay (2012/02/15 - 2:12 AM):
Experimentation with sinewaves.

Friday Afternoon (2012/02/17 - 3:37 PM):
Working full time, I don't really take Fridays off, so having this one off I wanted to write a fun little track. Also inspired by a track made by Olivier that he showed me the night before...

Overpass (2012/02/17 - 4:08 PM):
When making this song, I was thinking about the overpass that goes from Van Horne to Rosemont metro. Afterwords I realized that it was probably also a different take on Reminiscient (I was thinking about renaming that track to Underpass, to signify the Beaubien and Parc underpass).

She's a nice lady (2012/02/18 - 5:26 PM):
I want to do something like this with electric guitar sometime. Maybe with actual lyrics too, haha.

Fatherhood Excerpts (2012/02/18 - 6:03 PM):
A recording of Fatherhood working in February 2012. I mixed it up a bit and reversed some parts.

Fatherhood Excerpts (destruction mix) (2012/02/18 - 6:28 PM):
A remix of the previous track, a bit how I envision Fatherhood to sound, I also enjoy gating so that was fun!

It's all good (2012/02/19 - 6:25 PM):
The title says it all! I had a pretty solid week really, I guess track 11 panned out pretty well.

Motion Pictures (2012/02/21 - 12:13 AM):
I watched a few documentaries over my break. It's weird to think of journalistic videos as films, but in essence it's the same principles, but instead of being focused on something beautiful it can be focused on something dark as well...

Robot Trot (2012/02/21 - 1:26 AM):
Some of the documentaries I watched had robots in them!

Objects in the Dark (2012/02/23 - 10:54 PM):
I didn't feel inspired to compose a track, so I took a break to draw and this was the end result.

Self Determination (2012/02/24 - 12:04 AM):
The idea of each person having the ability to decide where and how they live, without laws that constrict them...

Space Ship Earth (2012/02/24 - 12:55 AM):
A scientist coined the term, but it's true. We're travelling through space on the Earth, this is our Space Ship, lets not fuck it up!

You and Me (2012/02/25 - 11:19 PM):
Sometimes when I write a song, one title fits so many ideas and thoughts running through my mind day to day. This is one of those songs, I don't really know where the boundaries between each thought are though, either way I decided the contrast would be nice and with that I ended the journal!


Thanks to the people at RPMChallenge.com for inspiring others to create something big in the smallest month of the year!

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 Released: 2012-02-29