RR005B - Terrestrial Council - Sound Evolution

RR005 - Terrestrial Council - Vampire State Building

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This is the first work under the "Terrestrial Council" project, but wasn't my first experiment in sound. I had been playing with the MS2000 since the fall of 2004, and this was one of my first "finished" recordings that I sent to my friends. I use the MS2000, a guitar and a few other things, and since I hadn't yet explored melodies it's mostly an experiment in rhythm. It was recorded in one take, live in my room on February 16th, 2005. - TC

Recorded: February 16th, 2005

1. Sound Evolution 37:20
Although a small number of CDr copies of this release exist with 10 tracks, when it was originally sent out it existed as a one track recording, and the decision was made to release this version instead of the one split into separate tracks.

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Sound Evolution

 CAT#: RR005B
 Released: 2010-02-16