RR005 - Terrestrial Council - Vampire State Building

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Vampire State Building is the first full length to be released by Terrestrial Council on Run Records, but even more significant is the timing of the release: On February 16th, 2005, the first experiment by Terrestrial Council was recorded. Along with Vampire State Building, you can download the first recording under the Terrestrial Council project, called Sound Evolution.

Recorded: November 2009 - January 2010

1. Vampire State Building 2:12
2. Cloudday 5:22
3. Dei2 4:27
4. TASH 1:50
5. It's at Ivan's House 3:40
6. IWTDSB 4:34
7. AG-13 4:07
8. Cruise Control 4:07
9. Untitled 2 4:02
10. Analog Jam with Toast 2:38
11. It's at Ivan's House (Backwards Mix) 3:41
  Total: 40:40

CDR Version:

This album has also been released on CDR media from high quality WAV master files.

1st run of 100 (coded 'FC###' inside cover)

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 CAT#: RR005
 Released: 2010-02-16