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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email
  • Demos
We are always interested to hear any new material by aspiring artists, so feel free to send us any songs if you wish. If we have time we may even provide you with some constructive criticism. Please be patient when sending any music. We will reply as soon as we get it just to let you know that it was received properly, but depending on the timing it may take us a while to get to seriously listen to the tracks.

Send your demos to Attach MP3 format files (Up to 15MB) preferably at 192kbps bit rate to your email. If the total size of the email exceeds 20MB, it will not be received, so try to be under that limit. If you'd like to send more than that, upload it to and send us the download URL. Be sure to give a good descriptive subject, with "demo" in there somewhere so we take a look at it as soon as we see it!

If you have any questions about releasing on Run Records, feel free to contact us.
  • Receive Notification on New Releases
You can receive notification in two different ways. First, would be to email with "Release Updates" as the subject, and then when there is a new release you would get an email with all the information about the release and how you can download it. Your email address will be kept completely safe of course, it would never go to anyone else.

You can also join the Facebook Group, which will have release updates as soon as they come in. It would work exactly like the email option.

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