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Born and raised in British Columbia, Sebastian was involved with music and production from an early age. After working in a small studio in Vancouver, doing primarily compositional and corporate work, he moved to London, England upon graduation in 2004 where he was enrolled in Audio Technology and Music Industry Studies at Gateway Sound Education.

He spent his university career manipulating project assignments to suit his personal musical whims, with relative success as he graduated at the top of his class. In addition to his studies, he held two part-time jobs. One was with Gateway's studios for which he was a studio manager - granting him access to superior recording equipment and the time to play with it. The other was for Mute Records where he was an assistant engineer, which afforded him (if nothing else) access to a great library of vinyl and beautiful synths to play with on his lunch breaks.

Following his graduation in 2007, Sebastian moved to Montreal to follow his personal creative goals realized within the lab synthèse loft space, as well as Beaubien Magazine and most recently his record label Arbutus. However, this has left little time for him to pursue his music as Dadin. Yet, due to the enthusiasm at Run Records, this is a circumstance he plans to revert!

Run Records is excited to have Sebastian's works released here, and we all look forward to new releases!

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Dadin Releases:
RR002 - Dadin - Selected Dadin (2005 - 2008) (Released 2009-02-01)
RR003 - Dadin & Terrestrial Council Split (Released: 2009-05-31)